LeWeb: Why you should love startups!

LeWeb: Why you should love startups!
A few days before the opening of the LeWeb ’10 conference, Benoit Descary and I prepared an exclusive program to introduce the startups we think will stand out on the Web in the next few months.

Sixteen startups were invited to a contest organized by the LeWeb conference. Eight of them will be participating in an online Q-and-A live on the Ustream channel in 15-minute sessions presented by Benoit and myself:

Our goal is to give you special access to these exceptionally promising startups. It’s a rare opportunity to find out more about their processes, business models and technologies, and discover the motivations that inspired them to reinvent the Web.

It was this article by Cédric Giorgi – originally posted on Mry’s blog – criticizing France for having no pride in its startup entrepreneurs that made us decide to show you why you should love Web startups 🙂

Before and during LeWeb, Benoit and I will also be sharing the inside scoop about Europe’s biggest web conference of the year – the organization, the speakers, the events, the bloggers. You can follow us here:

It’s your time to ask questions to the startups!

NB: Alexandra Francon, Community Manager of Hellotipi, has graciously agreed to help us keep all these information channels updated throughout this two-day conference.