Is Second Life the future of musical marketing?

Second Life is becoming popular once again thanks to the Avatar effect from James Cameron. Anyway, Christopher Ross, aka Legrand, wants to believe in this resurrection. With the help of students from the Temple University of Philadelphia, Legrand projected himself in a connected world where Second Life is the new centre of gravity.

Where was Second Life?

A long time ago, my friend Michelle Blanc tempted me to play with this tool even though I knew I would not be able to spend more than a few hours in Second Life. The same for numerous innovations, I think that Second Life came too soon on the market.

My hopes were definitely higher when it came to the Home virtual space from Sony. Like in Second Life, except for the communication aspect between avatars, these spaces are exclusive worlds that do not interact with communities we live in. To that extend, Facebook is a very successful because it abolished the 3D anonymous avatar in order to offer a trusting space where continents of interactions are built.

Imagine music from the future

I like the initiative from Jean-Julien Couturier, who started the “Legrand in SL” project, because he explores through academic projects the future of music with actual technologies. Things he carries in his luggage are like “Live Music Recommendation in Real-Time” and “The science of Nine Inch Nails”. The latter recaptures the 450 Gb of data from the Nine Inch Nails 2009 “Lights in The Sky” tour.

Sometimes I feel I am seeing what music from the future will be like when I create my own iPhone radio with Deezer, when I share with friends on, when I download the last podcast from Laurent Lasalle and when I watch my favourite musical channel which I personalized with Youtube and its Autoplay function. In conclusion, I think this is exactly where you will find the future of musical marketing.