Work4Labs: is Facebook the right place to recruit?

Work4Labs: is Facebook the right place to recruit?

While doing our startup interviews at the LeWeb’10 conference, Benoit and I welcomed Stephane Le Viet, co-founder of Work4Labs, creator of WorkForUs, a recruitment application that integrates into corporate Facebook pages.

Work4Labs is not the only company working on Facebook recruitment solutions. I’m connected to BranchOut myself; BraveNewTalent has similar functionality.

Considering that with 80 million users, LinkedIn has emerged as the standard network for professionals and recruiters, how can a Facebook application compete?

Your friends on Facebook or Twitter deliver your newspaper – Iskander Pols #LeWeb10

Your friends on Facebook or Twitter deliver your newspaper – Iskander Pols #LeWeb10 is the winner of the startup contest presented at LeWeb’10. During the Inside LeWeb’10 series of startup interviews we spoke to Iskander Pols, co-founder of, the newspaper that delivers the best stories of your Facebook and Twitter friends. by SmallRivers is not the first service to aggregate and deliver news from the social network. Personally I prefer and Feedly.

But the stroke of genius is the addition of a viral angle in a daily post to Twitter that automatically includes the names of everyone mentioned in the story.

Why create a Facebook page for ZeLaurent?

Why create a Facebook page for ZeLaurent?

I just created a Facebook page for ZeLaurent. Don’t worry; I do not have a split personality. It is all about creating a rationalization of communication and image.

Since Facebook does not compel us to be a page “Fan” any longer and just say “I like” ZeLaurent, my ego tends to deflate and my heart feels like flying.

Facebook Page vs. Facebook Profile: Privacy vs. Social life

As it is for this blog, my ZeLaurent page will contain more of my thoughts about recent professional findings (Internet marketing, social media, on-line video, mobile…). This should give more room for personal interactions on my Facebook Laurent Maisonnave profile.

I think I might have bored some of my dear friends in posting information in a delirious way on my Facebook profile, whether it was during seminars or special events that are part of my professional geek life.
The split between the cult and state will allow me to preserve close relationships, while keeping on sharing my passion with colleagues.

A Facebook page: a reasonable choice

At the moment, I got 23 requests for friendship on hold on Facebook. None of these future friends stated the origin of our virtual encounter. I redirect you to the article of Christian Aubry [FR] to learn more about my opinion on the subject.

I deliberately avoid posting personal details of my life on my Facebook profile. I want my interactions to be transparent. I open my mind but I won’t open the door of my home to everyone.
A Facebook page is the right way to organize your virtual life. Many of my friends did it: Sylvain Carle, Benoit Descary, Christian Aubry and Vincent Abry. Despite her great tolerance, and pressure from her friends and family, my friend Michelle Blanc did create a Facebook page for herself.

At your convenience or if you feel like it, I invite you to comment on this blog, on Twitter and/or on the ZeLaurent Facebook page: