Five tech predictions Deloitte won’t make for 2011

Five tech predictions Deloitte won't make for 2011

IBM just made its tech predictions for 2015. Big Blue’s teasing us with talk about its holographic mobile phone. Its battery will recharge on fairy dust. Back in 2006, IBM predicted instant vocal translation, but we’re still a long way off having this feature in our daily life.

On January 19, 2011 in Montreal, Deloitte will be back with its technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) predictions. What I like about this company ‚Äî besides that it’s an excellent customer ‚Äî is that they manage to guess every year which technologies will dominate in the following 12 months. They have a success rate over 70%. I can tell you, it’s much more difficult than to make predictions for periods from 5 to 20 years.

The same kind of paradox arises with startups. On the one side, those who predict a radical change in consumer habits in the short term can catch the imagination of venture capitalists who perk up and invest millions all at once in marketing so that the service reaches a critical mass to generate potential profitability.

To develop my social TV startup, Seevibes, I admit being part of the other, more conservative camp that begins by seducing the market this year to have the means to revolutionize it within three years. This pragmatic approach is less sexy, but as with Deloitte’s TMT predictions, I prefer basing my work on more credible results.

My prediction for 2011: startups must be more Cash-Cash than Bling-Bling. Let’s get back together in a year and see who was right.

Google launches YouTube Video Editor to edit videos

Google launches YouTube Video Editor to edit videos

While Quebec is still moved by the launch of IllicoWeb, the Quebecor version of Hulu, Google is taking a step forward in the field of online video editing with Youtube Video Editor. This free of charge online service allows to edit videos. We now got two visions of the Net, one more promising than the other.

In 2007, we had access to a fleeting version of Youtube remixer, which was based on Adobe Premier Express. Back then, this app was not necessarily up and running and was too innovative to be fully appreciated. Youtube now launches a simple, yet efficient editing tool. Small is beautiful! All you need to do is select videos from your Youtube account, make several changes, add up cool music, and there you have it!

Just this morning, while I was getting ready for my chronicle on Canal Argent, I took the opportunity to put one of François Gagnon’s videos to the test with Youtube Video Editor. The result was not tremendous, but shall I add that the whole process of editing and issuing the video took less than a minute.

But don’t worry, the Final Cut pros are far from going unemployed. Just like iMovie software that is now available on the new iPhone4, Youtube Video Editor’s main goal is to make it easy for budding producers to quickly share their great holiday moments or their encounter with Paris Hilton.

In the end, this new Youtube Video Editor will allow Google to add up a new piece in its cloud computing solution puzzle, thanks to Google Aps.

NB: When you edit a video with Youtube Video Editor, a statement is automatically generated, such as ‘‘I created this video at’’. The problem with the generated link is that it leads you to a user account named ‘‘editor! #bug’’